Monday, July 11, 2011

Let your soul and spirit fly

...into the mystic.
(Shout out to you Jekka)

I leave tomorrow for Madagascar!!! I arrived late last night in Philadelphia after a long day of travels, and felt pretty drained. But luckily for me I have an awesome roommate who I immediately connected with (she's from Sunnyvale!) and she cheered me up within the first few minutes I arrived, even though I woke her up out of bed. :) Today I went to breakfast with a couple of other early arrival West Coast trainees before our staging started at 12:30. I was completely unsure of what to expect from the whole thing, but it was so great to meet all the other trainees and learn about their backgrounds and where they are from. We all share this visceral connection of our commitment to the Peace Corps institution and it's surprisingly more connecting than you would expect. I was reminded today about why I wanted to do the Peace Corps in the first place, and I feel so purposeful and convicted about this path. I am so excited for what's to come.

Tomorrow, we leave our hotel in Philadelphia at 3 am (!!!!) for New York. We depart JFK at 11:30 and after 15.5 hours, arrive in Johannesburg at 8:25 am on July 13. Our connecting flight leaves for Madagascar at 10 am so send good thoughts that we make it on time! After a 3 hour flight to Antananarivo, we land at 2:35 pm local time, and then we have a 3 hour ride to the Peace Corps Training Center in Mantasoa. So much travel! I don't know when exactly I will have internet access again after that, but hopefully it won't be too long. Regardless, I will continue writing posts and then just upload them all at once when I have the chance. Thank you to everyone who wrote me letters, sent me texts and emails, and wrote on my facebook wall expressing well wishes. I am so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing and caring support network of friends and family, and will be thinking of everyone each day I'm in Madagascar! You can comment on my blog simply clicking on the comments link at the end of the post if you ever want to. You can also email me at or, of course, facebook me. I'd love to hear from anyone! Also, refer to my first post for my snail mail address, and SEND ME LETTERS! (and/or packages!)

Veloma friends! Til next time..

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